The Board of Trustees

The Administrative Team

The Administrative Team consists of the personnel listed below. It is chaired by the 总统, or in his absence, the 主要. The Administrative Team exists to ensure the coordination of the activities of the various components of the school community and to foster accurate and clear communication among the members of the team. While not primarily a policy-making body, the team may be consulted by any of its members regarding various initiatives and directions that s/he would like to make in his/her area. The team also reflects on the general atmosphere of the school community and attempts to offer suggestions for further growth and development.

The 总统's Council

The 总统's Council exists to give general direction to the work of the administration, to ensure that all aspects of the school are working to fulfill the school's mission, and to determine policies which coordinate the effective functioning of the general operation of the school. The 总统 may solicit advice from the Council about matters which concern the Board of Trustees, especially in its policymaking capacity.

The 主要s Council

The 主要s Council assists and advises the principal in the areas of educational objectives, major disciplinary decisions, 学校的计划, 教师发展, and in the general day-to-day operation of the school. The 主要s Council meets bi-weekly, or more often as issues demand. While council decisions are reached in a collaborative manner, the principal is ultimately responsible for the decisions of the 主要s Council.

The 教师 Representative serves as the liaison between the faculty and the administration; in addition, the 教师 Representative is the secretary for the open sessions of the 主要s Council and submits minutes to the faculty and staff. Closed sessions of the 主要s Council do not include the 教师 Representative and address issues related to confidentiality and faculty employment.


学术委员会 meets monthly. Its responsibilities include the evaluation of the academic program, the accomplishment of the educational objectives of the school, the improvement of curriculum coordination in the seven year program, and the introduction of new courses. 学术委员会 makes recommendations to the 主要's Council for approval on items pertaining to the academic program and all of the Council's stated responsibilities.

The Admission Council

The Admission Council reviews each application for admission and determines the admission of all new students to Chaminade College Preparatory School. The Council considers at least the following criteria in making its decisions: past and current grades; standardized test scores; teacher recommendations; involvement in extra-curricular activities; religious background; past and/or current association with the school.