How to Become Financially Free on $50 a Month


How to Become Financially Free on $50 a Month is our new program just out from Nightingale-Conant, the world’s leader in motivational/inspiration CDs and DVDs.

We believe it’s great personal-finance and lifestyle information for anyone of any age.

Why? Because we deal with non-financial subjects such as improving your health, the benefits of meditation and Bill and Mary’s rules for a happy marriage.

Our program also includes:

  • A multitude of simple and easy ways to find and save at least $50 a month
  • The power of mental money management, learning the right way to approach any financial situation
  • The three critical steps to building wealth
  • A fearless mental attitude that will weather any financial storm
  • And more!!

We think it’s a particularly useful easy-to-use set for both the young and older who want to hone their financial skills and become financially self sufficient.

Watch Bill’s two-minute intro to the program.

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