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The Staton Financial Experience

Building Better Portfolios with World-Class Dividend Growers®

If you are looking for conservative, clear-cut financial advice from an experienced wealth management advisor you can trust, give us a call! Frequent and personalized client communication is one principal hallmark of The Staton Financial Experience.

 Our mission – “Managing money to help clients live the life they want.”

Staton Financial Advisors in Charlotte, NC, invests for clients in a highly-disciplined, businesslike manner seeking to 1) earn a reasonable return with 2) below-average risk and 3) generate a dependable, above-average, growing annual stream of income. We believe this to be an “uncommon common-sense” added-value approach®.

Staton Financial Advisors (SFA) offers personalized portfolio wealth management for individuals, small businesses, and pension and profit-sharing plans in Charlotte, NC. SFA works exclusively with a limited number of qualified investors who desire a sound, focused approach to wealth management. Our mission is – “Managing money to help clients live the life they want.”

Tailored strategies serve each client’s unique needs and investment objectives, drawing upon our five-plus decades of experience as economic historians and investment managers.

In particular, we emphasize our unique, distinctive and trademarked universe of America’s Finest Companies® (AFCs) for investment. Owning AFCs is investing in a highly-disciplined, businesslike manner. Why?

Because AFCs on the whole afford clients “wide-moat” niches among a variety of industries, rising annual income, superior financial strength and generally hefty dividend yields vis-à-vis “the market.” We classify many of them as World-Class Dividend Growers™.

The strength of America’s Finest Companies® is their ability to earn superior absolute returns even without the tailwinds of normal GDP and consumer growth.