Financial Planning – Kids & Money

August 11, 2014 The stock market has been outperforming the economy and investors were just starting to get comfortable again when the market began to decline. Should we be concerned? We’ll talk to two of the city’s leading financial planners about that and about how to talk to kids abou... continue reading

What we do in 15 Words

Buy great businesses that are easy to understand. Hold for the long term. Sell infrequently. ... continue reading

Highest-Quality Dividend Growers Take the Fear Out of Investing

Bill and Mary provide monthly conference calls exclusively for their clients.  Listen below to a call, recorded on July 24, 2014. "Highest-Quality Dividend Growers Take the Fear Out of Investing" gives timeless investment information about how to overcome The 4 Horsemen of the Investment Ap... continue reading

Great Investors Nobody Knows

Originally written: January 2000 Patience is one key to building great wealth. Another is your willingness to be responsible for your investments. After all, no one cares more about your money than you except a thief. All the studies I’ve ever seen, including one recently published by The ... continue reading

The Galapagos Tortoise Way of Investing

May 22, 2014 "The Galapagos Tortoise Way of Investing" When we visited the Galapagos a few years ago, we discovered that their giant tortoises - that can live and prosper up to 200 years - have much in common with Staton Financial's conservative "uncommon common-sense" investing style. P... continue reading

2014 Farm Credit Associations of North Carolina Spring Conference

Bill recently spoke at the Farm Credit Associations of NC Spring Conference.  His topic, "Worry-Free Personal Finances" walked through Bill's 8-Point Checklist of Healthy Attitudes for Financial Success and the 7 Elements of a Winning Investment Strategy. Monday, May 12, 2014 – Wednes... continue reading

How to Become Financially Free on $50 a Month

How to Become Financially Free on $50 a Month is our new program just out from Nightingale-Conant, the world’s leader in motivational/inspiration CDs and DVDs. We believe it’s great personal-finance and lifestyle information for anyone of any age. Why? Because we deal with non-fin... continue reading

Common Investment Terms

Here are some common investment terms and definitions: Account executive The title given by some brokerage firms to their stockbrokers. Other variations on the title include registered representative, financial counselor and financial consultant. After-tax proceeds Money received from s... continue reading

Why Should Your Adviser Be a CFA Charterholder?

When choosing a financial adviser, it is important that he/she is a CFA Charterholder. Read more in article, "Why Choose a Charterholder?" ... continue reading

Timeless Warren Buffet

In his annual report letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders in 1994, Warren Buffett stressed his strategy of buying great businesses at fair prices, which is exactly what our laser focus is for all of our clients. We call these great businesses America’s Finest “World-Class Dividend Gro... continue reading

Seven Things We Know to Be True About Investing

There is nothing new in Wall Street. Whatever happens today or in the future has happened before. If we make enough purchases at fair prices, we should end up with some bargains in the process. Cash + Little or No Debt + Stock Buyback + Temporary Bad News = Winning Stock Trade One of t... continue reading

Millennials & the New Death of Equities

We recently ran across an article on another blog, "A Wealth of Common Sense" posted on March 6, 2014.  Millennials (and non-millennials) may find this article particularly interesting.   The infamous 1979 Businessweek cover story entitled “The Death of Equities” is widely viewe... continue reading

Audio: WFAE Charlotte Talks – Financial Planning for A New Year

January 28, 2014 The stock market fell on Friday after a week of losses. That caused investors to wonder about the safety of their retirement savings, a hurdle many believed had become a thing of the past in this recovery. Even if this stumble hasn't shaken you, you might be wondering how to... continue reading

Audio: WFAE Charlotte Talks – Financial Planning Post-Recession

12/10/2013 Almost everyone was financially affected by the 'Great Recession.' If you're looking at your retirement and thinking, 'what next,' we're here to help. We have invited two of Charlotte's financial advisors to evaluate the current market, where it's headed and how to plan for it. Wh... continue reading

Audio: AAII Charlotte Chapter Meeting – 11/9/2103

Bill Staton, MBA, CFA, “America’s Money Coach” Topic: The Three Things Every Successful Investor Must Know The average person is horrible at investing. According to money manager BlackRock, they’re so horrible that as a group they’ve managed to underperform every major asset class... continue reading